A New (Green) World

16 Apr

Here at Gentleman And A Van, when doing home removals, and driving vans around London and beyond, we are aware that our activities cause a certain carbon footprint that is unavoidable.

We have recently been thinking of ways to offset our carbon footprint, and have decided to dramitically reduce the amount of paper we use.

Paper is an office necessity for some essential tasks, but it has an environmental cost. Creating paper from trees requires a lot of natural resources: trees, water, and energy.

  • It takes more than 1½ cups of water to make one sheet of paper. (Picture a typical soft drink can.)
  • Over 40% of wood pulp goes toward the production of paper.
  • Reducing paper use reduces greenhouse gases: 40 reams of paper is like 1.5 acres of forest absorbing carbon for a year.

Up until now, for every removal we do, we have sent out a receipt in the post, but we have decided to now email receipts to all of our storage and removals customers, which will vastly cut down on our usage of paper.

This is just another way we like to think we will stay ahead of our competitors, and keep Gentleman And A Van at the forfront of the home removals industry in London.

If you would like to hear how we can help with your next home or office removal, call us on 020 8874 4283, or send us an email on info@gentlemanandavan.co.uk.