London Office Removals

10 Nov

If you run an ambitious small business or organisation in London, at some point you may find yourself in the happy (yet logistically troublesome!) situation of needing to move to new premises. You may plan to move yourself, with your employees doing the lifting and heavy work. Or you may plan to employ the services of non-specialist movers. We understand in a small business there is a keen focus on cost, but choosing either of these options may introduce unnecessary risk to your London office move.


Although incredibly exciting for the most part, relocating a business can be more stressful than moving home, particularly as your organisation cannot usually just be unplugged, put in a box and taped down!


Whether you’re a small company moving office across London or indeed a larger corporation moving across the country, Gentleman & a Van has the expertise and resources to help you plan and implement an effective office move. Thus ensuring business continuity for you, your staff and your organisation.


Our services include;


  • Consultation and planning
  • Delivery of small boxes for personal effects
  • Larger boxes and wrapping for all your IT equipment
  • Assistance with packing
  • Smooth delivery of your goods throughout London and UK
  • Unpacking of all items to the right places in your new office
  • Removal and secure destruction of old files and furniture


Our team are available to guide you on all aspects of relocation, from planning and logistics to labelling and furniture installation. Gentleman & a Van also offer secure storage facilities if required.


Choosing the right office removals company to take on your move is a crucial element of being fully operational in your new office on time, on budget and with everything in the right place. It costs nothing to consult an expert to get an idea of costs, and you may be surprised at the value we can offer. We can manage the whole office move for you, or add value to your existing plan of attack.


So whatever your situation, be it a London office move or a relocation across the UK, why not see how Gentleman & a Van can be of assistance…