While self-storage is good for people who need regular access to their belongings, Gentleman & A Van’s containerised storage is ideal for people who want brilliant rates and don’t need constant access.

We’ll despatch a lorry to you for collecting your goods and loading them into containers. These are vehicles specifically designed for the job. This process means you don’t have to pack your belongings twice over. Our personnel – trained, friendly, competent – will carefully place all your materials into the containers, preparing an inventory as they go along. You’ll be given a copy of the inventory once everything’s been loaded and the container is sealed. Along with the inventory will be your unique identity code – your assurance that the container can only ever be accessed by you for the duration of its time with us.

Our weekly rate is £17* a week per container plus VAT. You’ll be invoiced one calendar month in advance, payable by a direct debit/standing order with your bank. You’re automatically covered for £40 per item but we recommend that you take out additional insurance if your belongings are more valuable. To do this, we advise that you declare that value of each object to the nearest £1000. Our charges are 55p per £1000 of cover per week.

** Price for 4 containers or more.

To access you container, give us five working days of notice so that we can retrieve your container from the facility, open the seal and make a note of any changes to the container’s inventory that occur before it is re-sealed.