Some gentlemen…and some vans!

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Mark Godman

We like to think our company name, Gentleman & a Van, speaks for itself. It symbolises who we are, what we do, what we stand for as a business, and summarises our approach to the field of home removals. But a company is not just a name, it is also founded on people and their values. There’s not enough space here to mention everyone at Gentleman & a Van (though keep an eye on our blog and we’ll introduce you to a few more over the coming months) but here’s a little information about some of the team who will answer your calls, reply to your emails and help organise your home removals.


Mark Godman

Mark Godman

Position: Director
Likes: Golf, tennis and anything sport related. Spending time with my wife and daughters. Satisfaction and challenges that come with running your own business.
Dislikes: Road rage, Traffic wardens, flats on the top floor and being called mate by someone I’ve never met before!
Interesting fact: Gentleman & a Van has recently completed it’s 10,000th job, not bad for a company less than seven years old. We have now branched out into self storage, taking on part of a state of the art facility in Wandsworth. In January we will be branching out into larger house moves when we take possession of a brand new 7.5 tonne lorry. The question is, do we stick with the name Gentleman & a Van for the lorry or do we rebrand!?


James Nash

James Nash

Position: Director
Likes: Spending time with family, taking the dog for long walks, booking in jobs
Dislikes: Diesel prices, Lambeth parking services and other things I can’t mention here
Interesting fact: Gentleman & A Van took delivery of the first ever Renault Master LoLoader to arrive in the UK. Named, imaginatively, GMAV2, she arrived in 2005 and is still going strong today.








Transit, Luton, Extra Large Luton

Position: Anywhere you like. Especially cities where a large lorry is not needed.
Likes: Working weekends, 3-point turns, keeping nice and clean, Nandos.

Dislikes: Petrol prices, over zealous traffic wardens.

Interesting fact: The Luton van was “invented” by Mr B.E. “Bertie” Barrett who owned a haulage business. Its principal source of clientele was the millinery industry, which made Luton famous in the early twentieth century. Hats, many made of straw, were distributed in hatboxes, and so were bulky but had little weight. Since trucks at that time mainly consisted of a simple chassis and a cab, Mr Barrett had bodies built which extended over the chassis and most of the way over the bonnet of the truck as well. The portion of the body that rests over the cab is sometimes referred to as the ‘peak’. So there you go. Hats off to Mr Barrett!


If you would like to find out how the world of home removal has come on since Bertie’s day then do get in touch.