Picking the right London Home Removals Company - 16 Sep

So, you’re moving house and it’s now time to narrow down your options. You have all your quotes- now how do you pick the London home removals company for you. If you aren’t lucky enough to have friends or family recommend a removal company to you, then this final step may be a little daunting. […]

4 ways to cut home removal costs - 17 Jul

When using a home removal company, many factors will affect the overall amount you pay. These may include the distance you’re moving, the time of year (though at Gentleman & A Van, our prices don’t change) and unsurprisingly, the amount of stuff you have to transport! But is there a way of doing this without […]

Gentleman and a Van Moving Lorry

Assembling a High-Quality Home Office in South West London - 18 May

One of the notable shifts for businesses during the last few years has been remote working. It came about because of, and as a response to, the pandemic. But there’s a popular aspect that many people want to keep retain as an option. Even those who are desperate to get back to the office or […]

Providing Removals Services to Commuter Towns Near London - 04 Nov

It’s becoming common knowledge that people are looking for something different because their housing needs are changing. The lockdown brought about some re-evaluation with regards to what’s gaining in popularity. Some of this means moving to other parts of the capital or even neighbouring counties to find larger houses with adequate outdoor spaces. What are […]

Superstitions around moving house

Superstitions around Moving House - 16 Sep

Hoave you ever noticed how many superstitions there are around moving house? From the very first moment you decided to move house you have probably had people people wishing you good luck. Whether it was good luck getting the right house, good luck securing your mortgage, or juist good luck on the move itself it’s […]

Moving heavy items like moving a piano

How to Move a Piano -

Before we go into any detail on how to move a piano we need to stress that this is not a small job.  Pianos are heavy and moving them is not a task for the unwary. If you’ve done this in the past then you’ll know we’re not kidding when we say that moving pianos […]

Reducing satress when moving

Reducing Stress When Moving House -

There are a lot of facts and figures thrown around about just how stressful moving house can be.  As stressful as divorce, the second most stressful thing you can do, and so on. Whatever the truth is, it is a fact that moving house can be a very stressful experience. We’ve helped hundreds if not […]

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What is a Reliable Removal Company - 06 Jul

When you have made the decision to sell your house and move somewhere new, one of the first things you should consider is how to find a reliable removal company. Perhaps you have used a moving company before and know they are good – a lot of our customers come back to us time and […]

Gentleman and a Van Secure Storage in London

Why you might consider a Secure Storage Unit - 06 Jun

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. One of the ways that you can alleviate some of the upheaval is to utilise a secure storage unit during the moving process. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are buying or renting. Moving can be just as tiring for both types of relocation. As well as moving […]

Moving heavy items like moving a piano

Moving Heavy or Awkward Items - 07 May

The moving process can be daunting to the uninitiated. In fact it is often one of the most stressful things you will ever have to undertake. However by following a few simple steps you can easily alleviate much of the misery. You can maximise your chances of everything going swimmingly as you make the move […]

Proper Packing Materials -

Proper Packing Materials Moving into a new house can be incredibly stressful, one of the ways you can streamline the process and save yourself a great deal of stress is to purchase proper packing materials to help your move go as smoothly as possible. The Wrong Way Many people adopt the ad-hoc approach when packing, […]

How to Choose a Removal Company? - 21 May

Whether you are moving to the next door street, another city or even another country, choosing the right removal company can make all the difference when moving home.  Here are some useful things to consider when choosing the right company.   Do I need to use a removal company? Never underestimate the amount of physical […]

Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 2 - 27 Mar

In the second part of our series about being prepared for the big day wehen moving comes, we look at the couple of weeks leading up to the move.  This time can be crucial in getting everything prepared, and can make the difference between a stressful, or a stress free moving day.  We aim here to […]

Move out, don’t lose out! - 02 Feb

20% admit losing items when moving house The importance of having adequate home insurance cover has been highlighted by the revelation that almost one in five people have lost a valuable or important item while moving house. According to a YouGov survey of more than 2,000 adults, nearly 20% have lost items like family photos, […]

Moving home. Thinking of going solo?! - 01 Nov

  The reasons for moving home are usually good ones, like upsizing to a bigger property or relocation for a new job. That said, moving home is also said to be one of life’s most stressful events, up there with divorce, getting sacked and relegation play-offs! However, with a little prior planning you can anticipate […]