Picking the right London Home Removals Company - 16 Sep

So, you’re moving house and it’s now time to narrow down your options. You have all your quotes- now how do you pick the London home removals company for you. If you aren’t lucky enough to have friends or family recommend a removal company to you, then this final step may be a little daunting. […]

London Office Removals - 17 Aug

If you run an ambitious small business or organisation in London, at some point, you may find yourself in the logistically troublesome situation of needing to move to new premises. You may plan to take on the move yourself, with your employees doing the lifting and heavy work. Or you may plan to employ the […]

4 ways to cut home removal costs - 17 Jul

When using a home removal company, many factors will affect the overall amount you pay. These may include the distance you’re moving, the time of year (though at Gentleman & A Van, our prices don’t change) and unsurprisingly, the amount of stuff you have to transport! But is there a way of doing this without […]

Our Guide for Long-Distance Relocations

Our Guide for Long-Distance Relocations - 18 Jun

For anyone who has experience with relocations over longer distances, you’ll no doubt know how challenging they can become. All moves have their fair share of problems to deal with and obstacles to avoid along the way. But the likelihood of potential issues increases for national relocations, chiefly down to the additional miles between the […]

Gentleman and a Van Moving Lorry

Assembling a High-Quality Home Office in South West London - 18 May

One of the notable shifts for businesses during the last few years has been remote working. It came about because of, and as a response to, the pandemic. But there’s a popular aspect that many people want to keep retain as an option. Even those who are desperate to get back to the office or […]

Our Guide for Long-Distance Relocations

Buying a Fixer-Up Property vs a Move-In Ready Home in South West London - 19 Apr

For most people looking to buy a new home, it’s a case of finding one that matches your budget and specifications. However, there are those brave few who consider fixing a rundown property up. It’s true that this can represent an investment opportunity, but it’s a lot of work without any guarantee of a decent […]

Using a High-End Removals Service for Collections and Deliveries of Valuable Goods

Using a High-End Removals Service for Collections and Deliveries of Valuable Goods - 15 Mar

People who own high-end goods-based businesses know it can be a headache to organise suitable collections and deliveries. Many end up taking it on themselves because of previous issues with breakages or tardy delivery providers. However, in-house systems can be expensive and require a dedicated driver or someone from your team. Is there another option […]

A Removals Service for Every Situation in South West London

A Removals Service for Every Situation in South West London - 10 Feb

Gentleman & A Van was set up in 2004 and from the very first day onwards we’ve been moving people throughout the capital and beyond, but with a particular focus on SW London, which is where we started out and where many of our facilities, including our Wimbledon self-storage units, are still located. We’re not […]

Our Size Guide for Removals and Storage in South West London 

Our Size Guide for Removals and Storage in South West London  - 20 Jan

It’s one of the quandaries that beset people at the outset of their move, especially if it’s their first major relocation. Just what kind of service do they need? Something simple, with a compact vehicle and a couple of helpers, or something much more elaborate, involving lorries and a team? Fortunately, it’s not all that […]

gentleman and a van smaller vehicles

Removals and Storage Services for London’s Interior Designers - 08 Dec

A lot of people are turning to interior designers to help revamp their homes in London. For many, it’s about improving the living spaces in their house or apartment. Others who are looking to sell their property work with interior designers to speed up the process and, hopefully, avoid months of waiting around on the […]

Providing Removals Services to Commuter Towns Near London - 04 Nov

It’s becoming common knowledge that people are looking for something different because their housing needs are changing. The lockdown brought about some re-evaluation with regards to what’s gaining in popularity. Some of this means moving to other parts of the capital or even neighbouring counties to find larger houses with adequate outdoor spaces. What are […]

Our Brand New All Singing All Dancing Depot In Tolworth - 05 Oct

THE brand new, state of the art Tolworth depot for The Master Removers Group was all-singing, all-dancing recently when it was chosen by country-pop duo Ward Thomas as the backdrop to their latest music video. The duo’s connections come via their father Anthony and his company of 40 years, Ward Thomas Removals – which was […]

The Merits of Using Container Storage in London - 29 Sep

When people or businesses need some extra space, the first thing most of us think of is self storage, and with good reason. The industry continues to grow and find new customers, many with no prior compulsion or reason to use storage. However, a self storage package might not be the correct choice, and we […]

Moving to a New House with Your Pets

Moving to a New House with Your Pets - 04 Sep

Moving home can be an exciting prospect, which means you might already be thinking about how to decorate the lounge or dreaming of summer evenings on a pleasant outdoor deck area. Before you get carried away, there’s the small matter of planning the relocation, and they all require plenty of planning and things to take […]

Find out about removals in London

Providing the Best Man & Van and Self Storage in South West London - 11 Aug

It’s a busy time for London’s housing market, with people and businesses relocating in record numbers every week. The lockdown might be moving towards a less strict phase, but it will have lasting effects, mainly on our collective change in attitudes and priorities. People want different things from their homes, and businesses need to look […]

Find out about removals in London

Providing the Best Man & Van and Self Storage in South West London - 30 Jul

It’s a busy time for London’s housing market, with people and businesses relocating in record numbers every week. The lockdown might be moving towards a less strict phase, but it will have lasting effects, mainly on our collective change in attitudes and priorities. People want different things from their homes, and businesses need to look […]

Superstitions around moving house

Superstitions around Moving House - 16 Sep

Hoave you ever noticed how many superstitions there are around moving house? From the very first moment you decided to move house you have probably had people people wishing you good luck. Whether it was good luck getting the right house, good luck securing your mortgage, or juist good luck on the move itself it’s […]

Moving heavy items like moving a piano

How to Move a Piano -

Before we go into any detail on how to move a piano we need to stress that this is not a small job.  Pianos are heavy and moving them is not a task for the unwary. If you’ve done this in the past then you’ll know we’re not kidding when we say that moving pianos […]

Reducing satress when moving

Reducing Stress When Moving House -

There are a lot of facts and figures thrown around about just how stressful moving house can be.  As stressful as divorce, the second most stressful thing you can do, and so on. Whatever the truth is, it is a fact that moving house can be a very stressful experience. We’ve helped hundreds if not […]

Move in London with Gentleman & A Van

What is a Reliable Removal Company - 06 Jul

When you have made the decision to sell your house and move somewhere new, one of the first things you should consider is how to find a reliable removal company. Perhaps you have used a moving company before and know they are good – a lot of our customers come back to us time and […]

Gentleman and a Van Secure Storage in London

Why you might consider a Secure Storage Unit - 06 Jun

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. One of the ways that you can alleviate some of the upheaval is to utilise a secure storage unit during the moving process. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are buying or renting. Moving can be just as tiring for both types of relocation. As well as moving […]

Moving heavy items like moving a piano

Moving Heavy or Awkward Items - 07 May

The moving process can be daunting to the uninitiated. In fact it is often one of the most stressful things you will ever have to undertake. However by following a few simple steps you can easily alleviate much of the misery. You can maximise your chances of everything going swimmingly as you make the move […]

Proper Packing Materials -

Proper Packing Materials Moving into a new house can be incredibly stressful, one of the ways you can streamline the process and save yourself a great deal of stress is to purchase proper packing materials to help your move go as smoothly as possible. The Wrong Way Many people adopt the ad-hoc approach when packing, […]

The Gentleman & A Van fleet

Reasons to Choose an Expert Removal Company - 05 Mar

We all dread moving to a new house. Something that should be an exciting time full of adventure and looking forward to new prospects can quickly become tiresome and stressful. For many of us hiring a reputable, expert removal company is often seen as something of a luxury. But the more you consider the ramifications […]

How to Choose a Removal Company? - 21 May

Whether you are moving to the next door street, another city or even another country, choosing the right removal company can make all the difference when moving home.  Here are some useful things to consider when choosing the right company.   Do I need to use a removal company? Never underestimate the amount of physical […]

We’re recruiting! - 17 Apr

Gentleman And A Van are looking for an individual to fill an operations support role, to be based in their offices in Wandsworth.  This role is based across office, warehouse, and on the road. This role is full time, 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday and regular Saturdays as required. Job Responsibilities Gentleman And A […]

Happy New Year From Gentleman and a Van - 30 Jan

Gentleman and a Van would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2013. Lets us help you get off to a good start for 2013 by providing our excellent home removal service to help you move house with ease. Never underestimate the amount of physical and mental organisation it takes to move the […]

Catch Us While You Can – We’re Having A Short Christmas Break - 03 Dec

With Christmas coming, we are working as hard as Father Christmas and his elves moving people here and there, moving people in and out of storage, quoting on jobs for January, and generally keeping things ticking along nicely right up to Christmas.  With all this work, we thought it only right to have a little […]

Declutter Your Home This Winter - 01 Nov

Spring cleaning – why just in the spring? Talking in the office today, we decided it would be much better to have an “Autumn Clean”.. Through the winter it would be much better to have a clean, clear and uncluttered house. If you are a fan of the Autumn Clean, but are not sure what to do […]

Wintering in the Alps? Let Us Help You. - 26 Oct

The leaves are dropping, the nights are drawing in, and the clocks are about to change, which can mean only one thing – winter is coming. For many, the short days, grey skies, and the idea of going to work and coming home in the dark are enough to bring on a case of S.A.D. […]

Storage – A Design Solution - 22 Oct

If you are an interior design company, why not entrust Gentleman And A Van to securely stow away your excess stock, that your shop or usual warehouse may not be able to hold? We work for a number of interior design companies, assisting in the logistics planning, and installation of projects, and part of this, is holding […]

Moving House?! Our Gentleman provide an excellent service for Home Removals - 17 Oct

Gentleman and a Van are one of the leading home removal services in and around the London area, we pride ourselves on the service we provide and that’s why we consider ourselves to be better than everyone else. Our Gentleman want to make the moving process for you as stress free as possible.We want to ensure that at […]

No Office Move is too big for Our Gentleman to handle!!! - 16 Oct

Gentleman and a Van  believe that your needs come first…… Every business person knows that success and positive results are not built around their own needs, but the focus of their customer’s and client’s. Why should an office moving company be any different? Over the years our company has gained a great deal of experience which […]

Gentleman that Deliver….. - 15 Oct

Gentleman and a Van can offer you an excellent delivery service. When you need something there on time and in a hurry, we’re the perfect call to get anything delivered. Our enthusiastic drivers and porters are absolutely dedicated to giving you the service that you deserve. Be sure to remember that if you need a […]

Gentleman and a Van want to help you cut down Removal Costs - 09 Oct

De-clutter your home. Removal quotes are generally based on volume, so the more you take with you the more you’ll pay. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used something in the last two years it’s unlikely you’ll do so in future, so now’s the time to be out with the old! Before heading down to the […]

Self Storage – Safety First For Your Belongings - 08 Oct

Here at Gentleman and A Van HQ, Wandsworth we’ve a large amount of units, ideal for you to store your beloved belongings in a safe and secure environment. Whether you need temporary storage whilst moving home, decorating or travelling, or a longer term storage solution, we will help you pick the right unit size and […]

Gentleman And A Van, A Personal Experience - 05 Oct

When making a booking with Gentleman And A Van, for your home removals or office removals, good service starts from the moment we pick up the phone.  If from our conversation, we are unsure of the size of your move, one of our surveyors will come to your property, and give you an informed and accurate quote, […]

New Member To Our Office Team - 01 Oct

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the team in the office at Gentleman And A Van. Kate Walker joins us from the world of property, and will take on the duties managing our office.  If you are calling us to discuss any of your home removal needs, Kate may answer the phone, […]

What Is The best Van For You - 04 Jul

We operate a fleet of Renault Master Vans in our distinctive livery, each of which is insured and alarmed.  £20,000 Goods In Transit cover is included, with higher cover on request. Each vehicle, is equipped with trolleys and tool boxes, and carries blankets and strapping, all the essentials for our team of gentlemen to keep […]

Value for Money Storage - 22 Jun

At Gentleman And A Van, we have recently taken over a large amount of space at a state of the art storage facility in Wandsworth.  This high tec, purpose built building, is ideal for us to keep your belongings in safe and secure premises. The facility has ample parking, not just for our fleet of vans, […]

Jubilee Week – The Perfect Time To Move - 24 May

With the Royal Jubilee coming up, many people have taken advantage of the long bank holiday to have a 9 day break whilst taking 3 days off work. The problem is, how to fill the time?! An answer we can give is to consider having a late spring clean, and do the moving you have been […]

New Additions To The Fleet - 11 May

As we come into the busy time of year for the London home removals industry, Gentleman And A Van has aquired two new vehicles to manage the number of jobs we have witrh more efficiency, ensuring we can keep our service to the highest quality. Our fleet of Renault Loloaders, are designed with one of […]

10 reasons to choose Gentleman And A Van - 18 Apr

When its time to make a home removal or office removal, choosing the right company can be a daunting task. We at Gentleman And A Van feel we are one of the leading man and van companies operating in London, and have compiled a list of the reasons why. 1. Flexible options for office and […]

A New (Green) World - 16 Apr

Here at Gentleman And A Van, when doing home removals, and driving vans around London and beyond, we are aware that our activities cause a certain carbon footprint that is unavoidable. We have recently been thinking of ways to offset our carbon footprint, and have decided to dramitically reduce the amount of paper we use. […]

Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 3 - 05 Apr

The day is nearly upon us – the big move.. Hopefully by following the advice in Part 1 and 2 of our moving checklist, you will be feeling nice and relaxed, at the prospect of moving home. We now look at the last couple of days before you are in you new house, and how […]

Moving Tips - 29 Mar

At Gentleman And A Van, we like to help you pass as much knowledge as we can to you, to help make your next home removal as smooth as possible, and reduce your moving costs. Here, we offer a few ideas that you can implement before we arrive, to help you help us. Decluttering – really […]

Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 2 - 27 Mar

In the second part of our series about being prepared for the big day wehen moving comes, we look at the couple of weeks leading up to the move.  This time can be crucial in getting everything prepared, and can make the difference between a stressful, or a stress free moving day.  We aim here to […]

The Ombuydsman Scheme – How You’re Protected - 14 Mar

Whenever the time comes for you to make a move, how do you know the home removals company you choose, has the appropriate credentials, and is a reputable company. There are no laws in the UK to set up a removals business, so you need to know that you are entrusting your valuable posessions to […]

Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 1 - 06 Mar

Undertaking a home removal can be a daunting task, so in a series of blogs, we will take you through the ultimate moving check list, providing all the advice and pointers you will need to make your next house removal, the smoothest it can be. In this blog, we’re focusing on what to do 3-4 […]

The Fleet Fit For A Gentleman - 01 Mar

At Gentleman And A Van, our vehicles are hand picked for the way they work, ensuring we can take maximum care of your posessions with any man and van services you might require. Our fleet of Renault Loloaders, are designed with one of two rear suspension options, either steel and air.  The standard steel suspension sees the loading height at just […]

Box Shop - 27 Feb

Box clever Not sure how many boxes you need, what size is best or where you’re going to get miles and miles of bubble wrap? Just try some of our handy packing and storage solutions. We’ve got all you need to make it easy. At Gentleman And A Van, our Box Shop allows you to purchase […]

Delicate Items - 21 Feb

When the time comes to make a house move, how do you know you are choosing the best London home removals company to take care of all those delicate items you have carefully collected over the years. Save yourself worrying about the priceless ming vase, the ornate mirror in the living room, or the 300 […]

Self Storage – The Olympic Dream - 17 Feb

With the Olympics coming to London this year, it is estimated that 5.3 million people will be visiting the London during the games. It is estimated that residents of London could make £23 million from letting out rooms to accomodate the huge number of visitors.  During a recent survey, more than half of the 2,000 property owners interviewed, […]

Move out, don’t lose out! - 02 Feb

20% admit losing items when moving house The importance of having adequate home insurance cover has been highlighted by the revelation that almost one in five people have lost a valuable or important item while moving house. According to a YouGov survey of more than 2,000 adults, nearly 20% have lost items like family photos, […]

The Signs of a True Gentleman - 27 Jan

At Gentleman & a Van, we employ excellent staff, who value our ideal of providing impeccable customer service. They are always happy to go that extra mile…inside and outside of a van! Whether male or female, we all appreciate decency and good manners, and we like to think in a small way that we bring back […]

Gentleman and a Van Reviews

Pssssst- hats off to Gentleman & a Van! - 20 Jan

Asking friends is often the best way to find good local restaurants, plumbers, dentists or hairdressers. In fact, word of mouth is the obvious starting point for most people when looking for anything local that they haven’t used before. You can also do this online, where real people are writing real reviews, and sharing with […]

Moving Office in London? - 13 Jan

2012 looks set to be an exciting year for London, and hopefully an exciting time for your business. Whatever your situation, these changing times will call for businesses to be flexible. You might need to expand, or contract, and at some point may consider an office move. This might be from one building to another, or moving […]

Bubbles- it’s a wrap… - 13 Dec

Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. They sealed two shower curtains together, creating a mattress of air bubbles. And then tried to sell it as wallpaper! Luckily for the state of sitting rooms across the world, the product turned out to be unsuccessful as wallpaper, but undeterred, the team then set about marketing […]

Moving Abroad? - 29 Nov

The advent of the internet has contributed hugely to the ease of emigration. Never before has it been simpler to sit in the comfort of your own home, learn about what life in another country might be like and ultimately become inspired to move there.   Moving home from the UK to another part of […]

A Gentlemanly Guide to Christmassy Conduct - 25 Nov

There’s a lot of talk these days about the decline of society, how manners are a forgotten beast and that the art of chivalry is dead. And if you watch the news, read the papers or understand Twitter, you may get the feeling that this is a particularly gloomy cloud to which there’s a significant […]

London home removals. And beyond! - 22 Nov

Gentleman and a Van was initially established to focus on the London home removals market, but since 2004 we’ve expanded, so now whether you’re moving house in London, across the UK (or even further afield), we will have a solution for you. Our combination of experienced staff and an expanding fleet of vehicles allow us […]

London Home Storage - 18 Nov

When you’re moving house, you may find yourself in the position where you’re ‘between things’. You may be waiting for your new place to become vacant, have some work completed, carpets cleaned, or windows taken out because your sofa was a little bit too wide after all!   Whether scaling up, down or simply moving […]

So long- and thanks for all the fish… - 15 Nov

Well- cats and dogs anyway.   Moving house is a stressful time all-round, but for pets who don’t understand what’s going on, and probably haven’t completed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it can be traumatic. When Battersea Dogs and Cats Home carried out a survey of over 1,100 pet owners who were moving house in […]

Moving home. Thinking of going solo?! - 01 Nov

  The reasons for moving home are usually good ones, like upsizing to a bigger property or relocation for a new job. That said, moving home is also said to be one of life’s most stressful events, up there with divorce, getting sacked and relegation play-offs! However, with a little prior planning you can anticipate […]

Our Guide for Long-Distance Relocations

Greenwich meany-time! - 27 Oct

Clocks have been zipping back and forth in the UK since 1916. It’s all to do with saving hours of daylight, and was initiated by a man named William Willett, a London builder who lived in Petts Wood in Kent. William Willett first proposed the idea of British Summer Time (BST) in 1907 in a pamphlet entitled […]

Never underestimate a handshake - 25 Oct

Handshaking was practiced in Ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC, and over the years became a customary way of showing that one had no weapons when meeting another person. This also gave rise to tipping one’s hat – or in the old days, removing one’s metal helmet that was part of a […]

Some gentlemen…and some vans! - 20 Oct

We like to think our company name, Gentleman & a Van, speaks for itself. It symbolises who we are, what we do, what we stand for as a business, and summarises our approach to the field of home removals. But a company is not just a name, it is also founded on people and their values. […]

Gentleman and a Van- how it began… - 18 Oct

Gentleman and a Van was established in London in 2004, following a less than satisfactory flat-move with one of the home removal industry’s ‘market leaders’. Mentioning no names, as a gentleman never tells.   Since 2004, one gentle man and van (a Renault Transit to be precise) has become gentlemen and numerous vans. Our approach […]

Gentleman & a Van- how it began… -

Gentleman & a Van was established in London in 2004, following a less than satisfactory flat-move with one of the home removal industry’s ‘market leaders’. Mentioning no names, as a gentleman never tells!   Since 2004, one gentle man and van (a Renault Transit to be precise) has become gentlemen and numerous vans. Our approach is […]