Moving Heavy or Awkward Items

07 May

The moving process can be daunting to the uninitiated. In fact it is often one of the most stressful things you will ever have to undertake. However by following a few simple steps you can easily alleviate much of the misery. You can maximise your chances of everything going swimmingly as you make the move to a new home. Planning around heavy items, or awkaward items ay dividends in the long run.

Your general everyday household objects can be sorted and packaged with relative ease. The important thing is to think ahead and plan early!

Far too many movers leave everything until the very last minute. They find that they have no suitable packaging materials. Instead they try to move a lifetime worth of personal possessions in a handful of poorly taped together cardboard boxes. They are disappointed when they find that many things end up broken or scuffed, or even missing in the general disorganisation.

Start the hard work a few months before your move. Pack away your non-essentials first in the bottoms of various boxes. This will allow you to pack your most frequently used items on top, so they can be unloaded first.

Work around your home a room at a time being very thoroug. Label each box clearly with precisely what it contains and where it needs to be situated in your new abode. Consider buying coloured tape for the boxes and colour coding each room. If you follow these steps things will go very smoothly. However there are many specialist items that require a different approach when moving into a new house.

Moving heavy items

Moving Heavy Items

Heavy items can be one of the most troublesome things you will have to move. Especially things that initially seem to be small in stature. Often the very second you try to move them you are suddenly left wondering precisely how you are going to move them yourself.

Heavy object handling can be tricky. Many of us will have been told the mantra at many times throughout our lives that we should life from the knees, not the back. This does not help when you’re surrounded by boxes and objects with no hope whatever of moving those innocuously small but surprisingly heavy items.

Firstly, enlist help!

Call on your friends and family to help you organise things. When it comes to the big move be sure to employ an experienced moving company to assist you with the heavy lifting.

They have the knowledge and the tools to avoid injury and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Prior to moving day avoid injuring yourself to move things. And when you do manage to find a well-wishing loved one who wants to assist ensure that you have a plan before you move a heavy object.

How are we going to grip the item?

Where are we moving it to?

Do we need to prepare padding on the floor in advance?

Are there any tight doorways or turns we may struggle with?

Are we going to be descending or ascending a staircase?

When you have considered all these factors and have put a plan in place then begin your move, but always be ready to lower the heavy item if you start to struggle. Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint!

moving valuable antiques

Moving Awkward Items

Big and heavy are terms that are usually seen as synonymous, but they need not be, sometimes that are large, oversized items that may not be very heavy but can still be a nightmare to move due to their sheer bulk. If you are packing and find a huge monstrosity of a personal possession that needs moving then be sure to consider precisely where you will be moving it to and consider the needs of a professional moving company if you have employed one, they will often give advice on where they need such large items keeping prior to moving day. Once again be sure to enlist the help of anyone who owes you a favour, you may require a small team to move a particularly large item.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when moving an oversized object is your route, you will undoubtedly need to take extra care traversing your way across hallways, through doorways and up and down flights of stairs. Be careful to not scuff the walls of your house or leave any damage, take your time, exercise caution and patience, and plan your route well in advance to ensure a hassle free moving experience.

Spiral stairs when moving

Moving Valuable Items

One of the most stressful experiences when moving can be considering the care of your valuable items.

If they are especially small or compact package them away separately in their own boxes. Keep them distant from the confusion of your regular house packing. Small valuables should be packed way first to ensure they do not get lost or damaged in the house-moving rush. If they are heavy or difficult to move then they should be moved last.

Be sure to protect your valuables at every step of the move. If they are large and need to remain in-situ then they should be covered by a cloth or sheet and some protective wrapping to ensure they are not bumped or bashed whilst you pack your other items away.

If you want to talk to an expert about your house move then why not get in touch?