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Never underestimate a handshake

Shaking hands

Handshaking was practiced in Ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC, and over the years became a customary way of showing that one had no weapons when meeting another person. This also gave rise to tipping one’s hat – or in the old days, removing one’s metal helmet that was part of a suit of armour – thus indicating trust that the person being met wouldn’t lop … Read More


Some gentlemen…and some vans!

Gentleman and a Van

We like to think our company name, Gentleman & a Van, speaks for itself. It symbolises who we are, what we do, what we stand for as a business, and summarises our approach to the field of home removals. But a company is not just a name, it is also founded on people and their values. There’s not enough space here to mention everyone at Gentleman & a Van … Read More


Gentleman & a Van- how it began…

Gentleman & a Van was established in London in 2004, following a less than satisfactory flat-move with one of the home removal industry’s ‘market leaders’. Mentioning no names, as a gentleman never tells!


Since 2004, one gentle man and van (a Renault Transit to be precise) has become gentlemen and numerous vans. Our approach is simple – we have smart navy-blue liveried vans, which are regularly checked, serviced and … Read More

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