Designer Solutions

We work for a number of interior design companies, assisting in the logistics, planning and installation of projects.

Tailor Made Service, To Suit Your Needs

Working closely with you, we can help with all aspects of the project, from start to finish. Whether you design and install residential interiors or commercial interiors, we can offer the following services:

  • Storage of all items before your installation.
  • Collection and allocation of deliveries to the appropriate storage units.
  • An on-line inventory service so you have a realtime view of what is in your project’s storage unit.
  • Long or short term storage of items.
  • Delivery and unwrapping of items to your installation, and removal of rubbish.

We Know All Projects Are Unique

We know your projects are all different, and that each has unique and often difficult challenges, so our surveyors will talk through the projects with you before they begin, and plan each stage in advance.  By doing this, we can offer one competitive quote, to encompass all our services.

In recognition of all the great reviews posted by our customers, NappyValley.net have awarded us their seal of approval. Thank you to all our customers for the really positive reviews and please do continue to recommend us to family and friends.