Standard Box


Double walled strong removal boxes. Ideal for books, dvds and small breakables.

Size (W,H,D): 46cm x 33cm x 33cm

Std Box: £2.50 Pack of 10: £25.00

Large Box


Double-walled, large and strong removal boxes. Ideal for packing larger lighter items.

Size (W,H,D): 46cm x 51cm x 51cm

Lge Box: £3.00 Pack of 10: £30.00

Wardrobe Carton


Double walled strong wardrobe carton. Perfect for moving suits, shirts, and hanging items wardrobe to wardrobe – undamaged.

Wrd Box: £9.00 Pack of 3: £25.00

Packaging Tape


Quality packing tape, available by the roll or in saver multi pack.

Tape Roll: £2.50 Pack of 6: £12.00

Standard Pack


10 x standard box, 10 x large box, 1 x tissue paper, 1 x small bubble wrap, 2 tape and 2 x wardrobe cartons.

Standard Pack: Just £90.00

Large Pack


25 x standard box, 25 x large box, 1 x tissue paper, 1 x paper off cuts, 1 x large bubble wrap, 4 x wardrobe cartons and 4 x tape.

Large Pack: Just £170.00

Bubble Wrap


Quality bubble wrap roll to protect your breakable items in transit.

Size: 60cm or 120cm wide x 100m long

Std Roll: £35.00 Large Roll: £50.00

Tissue Paper


Acid free tissue paper for wrapping delicate items and breakables.

Single Ream: £12.50

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